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Making Sure Everything Works

Posted on Sun Oct 23rd, 2016 @ 12:51am by Ensign John Koenig

Mission: 01-A Prologue of Sorts
Location: The Bridge

John spent the last 2 shifts going through a series of diagnostics on all the weapons, engines and shield upgrades that the ship had been going through. "Computer, time."

"The time is 0350 hours."

Up to this point, only 1 report showed something wrong. He traced the problem to a blown circuit in the phaser controls. He contacted engineering and scheduled it to be replaced.

He finished his reports, copying them to all department heads, noting that if anyone discovered something wrong, to contact him either before or after repair or replacement. This way, there would be a record in the logs.

Out of habit, he patted the Ops console. He picked up this habit at the academy because one of his instructors did it. He logged out and headed to the turbolift.

When he got to his quarters, he logged into the computer system in his quarters and checked for any updates. Luckily, there were no new updates that he had to immediately take care of.

His quarters were standard for an junior officer. Bedroom with a double bed. Living room with some chairs, side tables, a couch and a table and chairs around the table. On the side tables were some holographic pictures of his family. There was a bare wall in the living room. He hadn't decided what to put there. He's hoping that on one of his shore leaves, something will catch his eye.

He stripped down to his shorts and got in bed. "Computer, dim the light." He laid awake, thinking about if he might have missed something. But eventually, he fell asleep.


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