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XO Reports

Posted on Tue Nov 29th, 2016 @ 4:01am by Lieutenant Commander Syrrik & Captain Calvin Rhodes

Mission: 01-A Prologue of Sorts
Location: Captain's Ready Room, USS London
Timeline: MD05-0900 Hours

Syrrik finished his light breakfast. He found that eating anything too heavy in the morning seemed to slow him down for most of the day. He thought about the dinner that happened the previous night with some of the crew and shook his head. It seemed there was some room for improvement and some definite communication and guidance needed with some of them. Well, that was his job and he would get to it soon enough.

However, first thing was first. He needed to formally check in with the captain to fulfill that obligation with Starfleet. They set a heavy store on the formalities. He put the implements of his breakfast back in the replicator to be recycled. Making sure his uniform was adjusted straight he headed out of his quarters and towards the turbo lift.

Entering the turbo lift he was still in his thoughts. "Bridge." The captain was probably in his ready room. He'd report in there. The turbo lift stopped and the doors open. Stepping out he walked the short way to the captain's ready room and pressed the button to alert the captain that someone was outside.

As the chime rang out, Cal settled into his chair. "Come in!" He called, wondering who might be calling so early.

Syrrik entered the room. He stood at attention in front of the Captain's desk. "Lieutenant Commander Syrrik reporting for duty, sir."

Cal smiled at the formality of the Vulcan. "At Ease Commander." He stood and extended a hand. "Welcome aboard, officially that is."

Syrrik nodded and relaxed his stance slightly. He took Cal's hand in a firm grip for the handshake. After releasing his hand he handed the PADD to him. "My transfer orders sir. I believe they are all in order. Are there any special standing orders I should know about for the crew?"

'Standing Order!' Cal thought. 'I knew I was forgetting something.' He squared his shoulders. "The ship's Standing Orders are being revised." He said officiously. "For now we are operating as usual, and awaiting our specific orders from Captain Ral with Task Force Eleven."

Syrrik nodded again. "Understood, is there anything else I should be aware of in our mission status before we get underway? I'm sure there are details most of the crew are lacking and for good reasons."

"As far as I've been told we'll be ferrying diplomats around." He shrugged slightly, "Nothing too dangerous or fancy."

He tried to keep the look of irritation from his face. "Diplomats..of course. I assume when they come aboard you will want a full formal reception for them. Including dress uniforms for all senior officers and crew attending?"

"I suspect we'll be in Dress kit a lot." Cal said with a sly smile.

Syrrik shook his head. The Starfleet formal uniform in his opinion looked in bad taste. It made him think of something the humans called a waiter or maitre d. It was not a uniform he was particularly fond of. "That sounds like it's going to mean a lot of boring talk with everyone trying to interpret what everyone else is saying because no one is saying what they mean. Why are we stuck with the diplomatic mission? I would think a Galaxy class would be a better option for such a thing."

"As an older design, with few possibilities for tactical repurposing, Starfleet Command saw an opportunity to keep the Galaxy's in....errrr... more involved roles." Calvin was trying to keep a positive spin on things.

Syrrik raised an eyebrow. "You mean no captain would take the job when they could be doing more exciting things so we get stuck with it. Since we are no longer fit for any sort of armed role." He let out a slow breath. "Perhaps one of the diplomats will die from being poisoned by the other side. That should make things interesting." He looked up and saw the look from Calvin and put his hands up. "I'm just kidding. I know full well the kind of diplomatic incident and strain that would bring." He shrugged. "Remember Captain I come from a tactical background. Combat is what I know best."

"A ntastic skill set to have, given the situation."To say that he was unamused by the XO's humour would be and understatement. But then, perhaps, humour was what would get them through this alive. "Should we get to work?" The Human asked.

Syrrik stood and nodded. "Aye, sir. I'll be on the bridge detailing the duty roster and ship resources for the voyage out."


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