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Meeting the blue.

Posted on Sun Oct 2nd, 2016 @ 7:56pm by Captain Calvin Rhodes & Lieutenant Junior Grade Thex sh'Zoarhi

Mission: 01-A Prologue of Sorts
Location: Captain's Ready Room, USS London
Timeline: MD03- 0930

As the turbo lift rolled up the ship the Andorian engineer couldn't help, but feel existed. She was responsible for keeping this ship running now. No longer having to take orders from the old chief and wondering where he'd left the tools. Pity she was going to miss him.

The door's slid open onto the redone bridge of the London causing the Andorian to pause for a second. She knew the old bridge layout and the new modern layout clashed with the blueprints in her mind.

Shaking her head she walked over to the captain's ready room and pressed the door alarm.

Cal had only just settled into his desk after a late start to his morning. "Come." He called, unsure who to expect.

With a deep breath, the Andorian put on her best smile and stepped into the room. " Captain Rhodes, Lieutenant Junior Grade Thex sh'Zoarhi reporting for duty as Chief Engineering Officer." She stated politely as she snapped to attention.

"Good to finally meet you Lieutenant." Cal said, as he stood. The Captain extended a hand to the Andorian and greeted her. "Welcome to London."

The Andorian smiled as her anntena stopped twitching as she took the captain's hand. " Glad to be here sir. The London looks like an interesting ship. It will be interesting when I look at her guts and see what the boys back at Jupiter have done to get her ready for this mission." She said not bothering to hide the excitement in her voice.

The Captain was amused at her eagerness. He smiled warmly. "I've only been here a few days," He started. "but I already love her like my own." He offered a coy wink to the Andorian.

He pulled his expressions together before getting down to business. "Your first order will be getting the VIP Quarters ready for our first delegates. "

" Should be simple enough sir. "

"The Federation Council is sending their representatives for our first trip out." Cal looked a bit nervous at the prospect.

" Do we know if the representatives need any specialised environments or have requested anything for their quarters? I'd hate to be woken up at midnight because one of the representatives has some petty annoyance." The Andorian responded her voice showing it had happened to her before.

Cal nodded his understanding of the concern. "Our Federation delegates decided to take it easy on us. " He smiled. "Nothing special or out of the ordinary. At least not yet."

" Knowing the Federation's delegates that means they'll spring something on us when they arrive. Are there any systems that need priority for a testing before we get going?" Thex replied smiling slightly to herself.

Cal was a bit embarassed that he didn't know. "You'll need to check with the someone in Engineering about that. I haven't had much chance to go over anything to be honest." The Captain's face had deepened in colour slightly.

"Is that the time?" Cal asked, glancing towards a PADD. "I'm sorry I have to cut this short. I have a scheduled call." He straightened up, "Dismissed Lieutenant."

The Captain watched as the Andorian left and then activated his computer terminal.


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