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Breaking in the Duke's Head.

Posted on Sat Oct 15th, 2016 @ 7:22pm by Captain Calvin Rhodes & Lieutenant Commander Syrrik & Lieutenant Junior Grade Thex sh'Zoarhi & Ensign John Koenig
Edited on on Fri Nov 11th, 2016 @ 9:50pm

Mission: 01-A Prologue of Sorts
Location: The Duke's Head, Crew Lounge, Deck 8
Timeline: MD04- 2000Hours

Asher walked into the mess and scanned the room. There wasn't much staff on the ship yet and one could see that by how dead the room was. He took a moment and a deep breath as he debated if he should just go eat in his room before deciding otherwise.

After getting what he called a working man's meal, steak and potatoes, he moved across the empty mess, taking a seat near the window.

With a PADD in hand Cal entered the aptly named Duke's Head crew lounge on London's deck 8 and massaged his neck with his free hand. The PADD contained emergency tranfer orders for his sought-off First Officer. It seemed First Contact negotiations with trumped the Second Chair on a Starship for someone of her experience.

He found his way over to the Bar and ordered a double Saurian Brandy before searching for a table. While not all crew was aboard, Calvin assumed that the lounge would have some activity. Holding his drink and his PADD, Cal looked around and spotted Chief Asher the Chief Security and Tactical Officer alone by the windows.

Cal tucked the PADD into his pocket and made his way over to him. "Mind if I join you?" He asked, indicating an empty seat at the table.

"Not at all, Sir, have a seat?" Asher said looking up at the Captain, "How has the day been treating you, Sir?"

Syrrik had finished with Ops getting checked onto the ship as well as getting his quarter assignment along with his security clearances. It had taken a bit longer than he had thought it would. Perhaps something for him to look into once he settled into his post. He put his carry-on bag in his quarters. He knew the rest of his things would be beamed over shortly. However it was time to check in with the captain.

He checked with the computer to see where the captain was. Stepping out of his quarters he headed to the turbo lift. "Deck eight" When the turbo lift stopped he headed down the hallway to the lounge. Stepping inside he looked around. With the small crew present, he wasn't surprised by the seeming lack of atmosphere in the lounge. Spotting the captain sitting with another person he walked over. "Captain, Lieutenant Commander Syrrik reporting sir. I have finished with Ops so the most logical thing was to check in with you next."

"How Diligent." Smiled and gave a playful wink to Adam, his campanion at the table. "I think a formal meeting can wait until tomorrow. Why don't you join us?" Calvin was in the mood to enjoy the company of his staff, and it seemed the night was shaping up to deliver just that.

Syrrik nodded. "Of course captain. I will get a meal and join you shortly." Walking to the replicators He got a plate of kleetanta with forati sauce and a side of t'mirak rice. He also ordered a cup of vulcan spiced tea. Taking his meal he turned and headed back towards the table.

Nodding to both of them he sat down in one of the empty seats. "I trust the evening finds the both of you well? My apologies for my manner of speech earlier. Formality seems to be ingrained in me due to my mother." He chuckled slightly. He knew that might be a shock to them as he looked more Vulcan than anything. Not much of his Romulan side showed in his looks.

Ensign Koenig had just come off a double shift trying to get the ops console updated and running. He wasn't sure if this was a senior officers only club, but since he saw no sign, he entered. He walked over to the food dispenser and ordered a ham and swiss cheese, on rye, sandwich...with mustard...and a beer. He saw the senior officers gathered at a table, and walked over to an empty table near the wall. He sat and started eating his sandwich.

Asher watched the young Ensign come in and take a seat by himself. With noone else in the mess and knowing what it was intimadating to join seinor officers smiled as he turned in his chair and adressed the Ensign , "Ensign while don't we make it a party," He smiled, "Come join us,"

John stood up, grabbed his sandwich and beer and headed over to their table. "Thank you sir." He looked around and nodded and said "sir" as he looked at each senior officer. Before sitting, he asked, "Can I get anyone something, sirs?"

Cal shook his head while eying Asher for a reaction to the Ensign's answers. He had known many enlisted men in his life, and very few like to be addressed as sir.

Syrrik raised an eyebrow looking to John. "Ensign if you are going to insist on calling me sir in every sentence I'm afraid I'm going to have to jettison you out of the nearest airlock. I do believe we are all of the same crew and all off duty at the current moment in time. You were even invited to join use to share a meal and conversation. However, if you keep sticking to protocol and complete formality. Well...then I just might have to do something drastic. Like toss you in the holodeck programed with a harem of Orion women til you have mellowed out a bit." He grinned and chuckled as he took another drink of his tea.

Rhodes was taken a bit by suprise by the XO. He let out a small laugh at the statement.

"Respectfully sir, I don't think it's proper for a junior officer to address a superior by their given name, sir. And I'd doubt if that program would 'mellow' me, sir" He walked to the replicator to get himself another beer.

The doors to the crew lounge opened as the ships Andorian engineer stepped through. She was wearing the fleet yellow utility jumpsuit and judging by the look on her face she been through a very long day. Walking over to the bar without looking round she ordered a large Andorian ale which much to the bartenders surprise she downed in one long gulp before ordering another.

As he watched the Andorian enter a thought popped into the Captain's head. He quickly pulled the PADD from his pocket and made a note for the upcoming staff meeting. Replacing the device to his pocket, he waved at the Engineer. "Lieutenant, come join us."He called, a little too jovial.

Turning her head the Andorian noticed who had called her. Smiling at the group she picked up her fresh ale and walked over to the replicator before replicating a large plate of nachos before walking over to the table. " Thank you sir. " She said before nodding to the others. " Nice to meet you all."

"Lieutenant sh'Zoarhi is taking over in Engineering." The Captain said, hopinig it might explain the Andorian Shen's attire.

Syrrik took a drink of his tea and nodded to the engineer. "Greetings Lieutenant, I'm glad to see the ship in the hands of a prodigious and efficient engineer." Taking another bite of food he looked around seeing the lounge slowly start to fill with the crew. His face was a mask as in his mind he was still wondering what to do about the Ensign. While working within protocol was commendable. There was such a thing as taking it to far.

John looked at Syrrik, and wondered, "What does he have against me? Proper protocol is never to address a senior officer by their first name, even in an off duty situation.....the Academy drilled that into every cadet." John ate his sandwich and sipped his beer.

Hoping to lighten the mood a bit, Cal looked around at the staff that was gathered. "How's everyone liking the old clunker?" He asked, gesturing around them. Despite the estensive refit and remodel, the ship was antique at best. Cal was glad, they weren't going into combat.

"It's a fine ship, sir. I'm sure it will do the Fleet proud, sir." John rose and went to the replicator and ordered another beer.

"I'm sure you're right Ensign." Cal said, internalizing a smile at the young man's optimism.

Syrrik raised an eyebrow. "The ship while being of an older model and design should still be fully functional for the type of missions we will be called upon to carry out. This is not a top of the line warship however, I doubt we will be ordered to the neutral zone or any area that might pose a threat if military style maneuvers are required." He looked around. "All in all it is a well put together ship. I believe it will stand us in good stead."

Captain Rhodes smiled and opened his mouth to speak but found himself cut off by the sound of the comm.

=/\="Captain Rhodes, you have a priority one message from Starfleet."

Tapping his combadge, Cal stood. "I'll take it in my ready room." He responded. "Rhodes out." he closed the connection. "Well it's been great, but duty calls. literally." He smiled at the gathered officers. "Enjoy your night."


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