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Un-Settling In

Posted on Mon Aug 29th, 2016 @ 7:14pm by Captain Calvin Rhodes

Mission: 01-A Prologue of Sorts
Location: Captain's Quarters, USS London
Timeline: MD02- 0500

Cal sat in bed, unable to sleep. He spent his entire first night on London sitting up watching the news casts on his father's arrest.

'How could this happen?' He thought, appaled at his own lineage.

He threw his PADD, and climbed out of bed.

"Computer, Time." He said, his voice vibrating with anger.

The automated female computer voice responded promptly, "It is Zero Five Hundred."

'Better get a head start on my day.' He thought.The Commander walked in to the washroom, "Activate Sonic Shower." He said, stepping in to the stall.

As he stood, allowing the sonic pulses to erradicate the dirt from his body, he began to think about what lay ahead for him aboard London. And suddenly all thoughts of his father seemed to slip far from his mind, as if washed away with the dirt.

He stepped out of shower, and walked toward his bedroom. He pulled a fresh uniform from a closet, and dressed.

"Computer, List Day's Schedule." He commanded, his voice steady.

"No Schedule Listed. Would you like to add entries?" The familiar voice asked.

"No." said Cal as he headed to the door, "Nothing at all." Rhodes stepped out of his quarters, filled with ease at the prospect of moving far away from all the scandal, and the questions. He felt....happy


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