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Security Setup

Posted on Sat Aug 13th, 2016 @ 6:15pm by Chief Petty Officer Adam Asher

Mission: 01-A Prologue of Sorts
Location: Deck 10
Timeline: M02: 1400

Asher walked onto the Security deck, deck 10. Everything a security chief would need was on this deck, from the Armory to Firing ranges to the brig. This was Asher's Domain.

The newly promoted CPO took a moment to walk the deck before making his way to his office. He was happy to see that a decent number of his team on already aboard. Very shortly he would be putting them to work and this deck would be bustling with activity.

Walking into his office for only the 2nd time Asher took a seat and began coming up with two duty rosters. One for when they had guests and one for guestless operations. At this point, he wasn’t sure which roster would be considered normal and thought the use of the word “guestless” was fun, mostly because it was awkward.

Deck 3 was the main deck for all VIPs that may come aboard and he knew that it needed to be the most secure deck on the ship, besides the bridge and engineering or course. Not wasting a moment Asher pressed a button on his desk that called in his assistant sitting in the main security lounge outside his office.

A few moments later a Crewmen Apprentice walked in, “Sir?” He simply asked after walking in,

“See to it that Deck 3 is sealed off to all but senior staff and security personnel. We will begin a security sweep of the whole deck shortly,” Asher Ordered

“Yes, Sir, right away,” The Crewmen said as he quickly walked out of the room.

Asher thought to himself that he seemed a little stiff and hoped that would change shortly. He hated when he had to be all serious.

The plan was to sweep the deck from top to bottom for the next two days sealing off each section as they go. With the ship being open to dry dock crews for so long Asher didn’t feel safe. After this first sweep, he would have the deck swept after each mission and then seal most of the deck until the next time it was needed.

He wasn’t sure if this was overboard or not but he needed to ensure those VIPs that came aboard were safe.

After that was all setup, and set into motion Asher needed to go speak with the ship's Operations officer.


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