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What's Old is New

Posted on Sat Aug 13th, 2016 @ 1:03am by Captain Calvin Rhodes & Lieutenant Nikola Hildebrand
Edited on on Sat Aug 13th, 2016 @ 2:36am

Mission: 01-A Prologue of Sorts
Location: USS London - Sickbay, Various
Timeline: MD02 - 1700

While Nikola was Chief Medical Officer on the USS London, she felt like she was six years old visiting her grandmother as she showed Nikola where she used to work on Deck 12. It had been that long since she was aboard an Ambassador class star ship, but for some reason, it still felt familiar. She liked to think that experience solidified her amazement with space exploration and practicing medicine in the final frontier.

This class of ship had changed a good bit over the years, and to add to that, the London had recently gotten another refit. However, that didn't stop her from noticing the old features and layouts compared to the new. She walked through the sickbay doors and noticed that where there would have normally been doors leading to extra surgery rooms, they were instead labeled as modern medical holodeck rooms. A part of Nikola was relieved, and that made her feel silly. While she new the ship would be modern, she still had the image of the more weathered Ambassador class ship from her childhood in her mind. After checking the console to make sure her personal data files had transferred successfully and that the medical files for ship personnel were there, she made her way up from Deck 12.

"Computer, location of Commander Rhodes." Nikola requested.

"Commander Rhodes is on the Bridge." Came the familiar female voice of the Ship's Computer.

As Nikola stepped on the bridge she realized how strange an action it seemed. Usually the only medical officer to visit the bridge of a ship with any frequency at all was the Chief Medical Officer. This was her first time being Chief. It would take getting used to. She saw the Commander entering several commands into the console on the captain's chair.

"Commander, Lieutenant Nikola Hildebrand, reporting for duty." Nikola said with a tone of attention and respect but colored with the inflection of a warm greeting. She had of course heard about the commander's father, but couldn't understand what all the fuss was about in regards to him.

Looking up from his work, Cal smiled at Nikola. He stood. "Commander Calvin Rhodes. Good to meet you Lieutenant." He thought a moment, trying to recall names and positions from the manifest. It was never easy to remember everyone right out of the gate.

"I'm looking forward to working with you, but if all goes well, not on you." Nikola wasn't sure her simple joke eased the encounter or made it worse as the Commander's polite smile didn't give anything away. She decided to push on, "Don't mind that, just a medical department joke." and she let out a light chuckle. "I have just been lost in the nostalgia of the ship. The refit looks great, but I can still see much of the old design under the skin. It was a ship much like this that sparked my interest in Starfleet."

"Oh really?" Cal asked glancing around the room. "I half expected it to be a rusted out nk of junk when I got my orders, but it is a rather nice ship. isn't it?"

"It is." Nikola said, looking at the room as the commander did as if in response. "I believe it will serve us quite well. The medical bay and attached areas are all up to Starfleet modern standards. It will be a good work environment. That brings me to my next question, sir. I know it isn't common decor, but I was wondering if I could put up a few tasteful pieces of art in sickbay. Peaceful landscapes, that sort of thing. There is research to show at worst it doesn't hurt and at best, it can really take the wind out of trauma from injury or disease."

Without a second thought Cal shook his head. "I think considering the type of people we will be working with that's a great idea."

Nikola didn't like to think of the situations that their mission might put them in, but had nevertheless spent time preparing for the worst. She thought she might requisition some more medical supplies from the station just in case. "Thanks, Commander. It's good to meet you. Anything else, sir?"

"Nothing off the top of my head. " Said Cal resuming his smile." Dismissed."

With that, Nikola was off to requisition the extra supplies and contemplate Sickbay decor.


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