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CPO Reporting In

Posted on Sat Aug 13th, 2016 @ 5:09am by Chief Petty Officer Adam Asher & Captain Calvin Rhodes

Mission: 01-A Prologue of Sorts
Location: Bridge
Timeline: M02: 1000

Asher had not reported into duty his first day on the London. He had instead taken the time to read up on his own staff and unpack both his room and office. His orders gave him a three-day window to report in so it was, by no means, a big deal. After a good breakfast of real, not replicated, eggs and ham Asher thought it was time to head on up and report in.

Walking off of the Lift Asher Scanned the bridge and smiled. He always loved the site of a good bridge and this was a nice design. He was pretty sure the fleet had updated it from the classes original and he liked it. At the current moment, the bridge was empty. A rare sight on a starship that Asher took full advantage as he enjoyed the sight.

It wasn't long before he had made it across the Bridge and to the tactical station. Having a seat and smiled and his eyes lite as he took in the view of his new second home. He was going to spend more time here than he knew and he was perfectly ok with that.

Getting into the Moment Asher began to make adjustments to his station. Making a custom control setting that he believed was most efficient. Getting so into it Asher wasn't sure how much time had past when he heard a door slide open from the other side of the bridge.

Looking up he knew in a moment it was the Captain and he jumped to attention. He wasn't sure how this new CO wanted things and Asher found it always safe to start off formal and tone it down as needed, "Chief Petty Officer Asher, Chief Security and Tactical Officer, Reporting for Duty, Sir,"

"At ease Chief," said Cal with a smile. He closed the space between them and extended a hand, "Commander Calvin Rhodes. It's good to finally meet you Chief,"

"You too sir, I am happy to be aboard," He took the commander's hand and provided a firm handshake as his father had taught him.

Cal smiled. "I think you'll be pleasantly surprised with your department workload Chief." Cal took in the bridge a moment. "Outside of the Diplomatic department and Command, you'll have the most dealings with our visiting dignitaries."

"When I put in for the assignment that ran across my mind," he gave a little smirk,"I figured it would make things a little more interested. I've never been one to take the easy path, So why start now?"

"I'm glad to hear that." Cal wore a perpetual smile for the Chief. " We do have a lot to get finished before he depart starbase, you in particular."

"I know," He sighed,"Most of my staff will be arriving today and tomorrow. I should have shifts, duty stations, and all that good stuff worked out by then. After that, it is just implementing it. Do you know what our first assignment is yet?"

Cal shook his head. "Just waiting on our exact orders.And they must be of some importance if they've waited this long."

Asher was a little surprised by that comment, "So, you don't think we are going to have the normal Shakedown cruise?" The Shakedown was kind of a normal thing for most new or recommissioned ships, a change from that made Asher think this first Mission could be a big one.

"The shakedown has already been completed by the Shipyard staff, or as much a shakedown as she'll get." The Captain had to admit, he was unaccustomed to this type of situation, but he had the highest confidence that the shipyard had done their duty correctly.

"As long as our targeting sensors lock and we don't end up needing a tow back to dock I'll be happy," Asher joked, "Is there anything specific you would like me to address before we launch, Sir?"

Cal smiled again. "Well, since you asked. I need a security sweep of all diplomatic facilities, including VIP quarters and consular offices, before our delegates begin arriving. "

"Delegates?" Asher had a moment of panic not sure if he was missing something. He knew they were going to have Admirals aboard for the Inspection but he didn't think they would be staying.

Cal conveyed a look of confusion. "London has been named the Task Force's Diplomatic Liner." He explained.

"I know that Sir" Asher Replied, "But we aren't expecting any right off the bat, are we? You said before they start to arrive, who is arriving and when?"

Cal smiled, understanding the chief's desire to be informed. "The Federation Delegation will be aboard in about ten days." He squinted his eys, recalling the timeline.

"Ok," Asher replied with a nod knowing that was plenty of time, "Shouldn't be a problem, Sir," He nodded again to reassure himself as he thought about the list of things to do, "Are there any known special security concerns at the moment?"

The Commander shook his head. "Nothing as of yet." He said cheerily, but cheery at the prospect of leaving the vicinity of earth as soon as was permitted.

"Sounds good to me," Asher stated, "If there is nothing else, Sir, it seems I have some Delegates to prep for,"

The Commander'ls smile endured. "I'll let you get to your duties then. Dismissed Chief."

"Thank you, Sir," Asher replied as he remained at his bridge station to start his work here.


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