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Promote Fear in Command

Posted on Sun Sep 11th, 2016 @ 7:18pm by Captain Calvin Rhodes & Captain Devinona Ral Daughter of the Fifth House of Betazed
Edited on on Sat Nov 19th, 2016 @ 4:26pm

Mission: 01-A Prologue of Sorts
Location: Deck One, USS London
Timeline: MD02-1330

Cal exited his Ready Room with a PADD in one hand and a cup of Ettaberry Tea in the other. The tea was necessary in his Ready Room, as the temperature seemed to be stuck just above freezing. Despite requesting a technician to fix it, none had arrived. His eyes were glued to the PADD as he strode on to the Bridge. Crossing to the Helm, he handed the PADD to the helmsman who was seated there. "These navigational mods need to be executed by this evening and full diagnostic completed."

The Helmsman nodded and went to work at the console. Commander Rhodes had very little command experience under his belt, but he thought thats so far his first day in command had gone well. He hunched over the the Helm, set his mug down atop the console, and started going over the thruster assemby schematics. When he heard the lift doors part, he was expecting it to be the Technician sent to fix the temperature in his Ready Room, but instead when he turned he was greeted by the imposing figure of a Starfleet Capain. One whom he recognized as Devinona Ral. She was assigned as the Commanding Officer of the Task Force that London would be joining.

"Attention on Deck." He called out. All those who were working around him stood promply and faced the Turbolift.

"Tight ship you run here." said Captain Devinona Ral as she stepped onto the bridge. She was genuinely surprised by the show of formality.She peered around curiously before her eyes fell on Cal. "Relax Commander." She half laughed. Her Betazoid accent was indicative of her upbringing on the Coast of the Opal Sea.

Cal looked around the Bridge and caught the gazes of the crew. "As you were." He said, relaxing himself as well.

As Dev came closer Cal began to speak without fully thinking. "If you're here to relieve me of command can we do it in the Ready Room, out of sight of the crew." Calvin certainly wasn't the picture of confidence he used to be. The recent happening with his Father had put him off his game. He couldn't help but feel ashamed at his deduction of the Captain's intent.

Dev cocked her head to the left side in confusion. "Why would I want to relieve you of command?" she asked as her eyes wandered about the command centre.

Cal nodded. "I was worried Starfleet might see me as a liability, or a security risk sir."

"The only security risk is..." The Betazoid came to an uncomfortablely close distance and leaned in to Cal's ear. "...your ability to not think before you speak" she whispered with a grin.

Cal blushed. "Sorry Captain. I'll keep that in mind." His face burned red. "What can I help you with?"

Devinona had turned away from him, but turned back quickly to answer his question. "Tea would be lovely." She smiled over her shoulder.

"This way." He said, his face still unsure as to the reasoning behind Ral's presence. He ushered her towards the Observation Lounge, knowing his Ready Room was unsuitable due to the temperature. "Make yourself comfortable." He said, as he crossed to the replicator.

Devinona looked around the room curiously. The finishing were quite luxurious. But then again, her purpose was to ferry diplomats, opulance fell under that category for comfort of the delagates. She took a seat in a lush chair and waited.

Silently entering the perameters for his favorite Betazoid tea blend manually, Cal returned to the table with a tea tray. On it was a traditional Betazoid Tea pot and two handleless cups.

The Commander took a seat across from the Captain and placed the tray between them.

Dev sniffed the air. "Ettaberry. Good choice." She said with a smile. She poured a cup and sat back in her eat.

Cal poured a cup for himself and took a sip."So, what brings you to London." He asked plainly.

The Captain smiled at Cal. "I have some very exciting news."

Rhodes set down his cup and leaned in a bit, anxious for the 'news'.

Devinona followed suit. She had noted his axiety and had hoped tea would put him more at ease, but it hadn't. "Very well!" She said. "If you must know." The Captain pushed back her chair and stood.She promptly pulled a PADD from her pocket and activated it.

With slight hesitation, Cal stood as well, unsure whether of not it was the right move.

Clearing her throat, Devinona began to read the PADD. "Commander Calvin Patrick Rhodes. By order of Starfleet Command, you are hereby promoted to the rank of Captain, with all the right and responsibilies that go along with it."

Calvin was shokked and speechless.

Dev lowered the PADD and smiled widely at Calvin. "Congratulation Captain." She said jovially, holding out her hand to him.

Still at a loss for words, Cal nodded and took Devinona's hand.

Letting her hand fall, Dev slid a PADD to Calvin. "Updated command codes." She said. "We have a lot of work to do before you launch." She paused. "But first, our tea is getting cold."


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