A Son Running

Posted on Sat Jul 2nd, 2016 @ 2:27am by Captain Calvin Rhodes
Edited on on Thu Jul 7th, 2016 @ 1:50am

Mission: 01-A Prologue of Sorts
Location: Starfleet Command, San Fancisco, Earth
Timeline: MD01- Early Morning

The morning began as the past few had. Calvin woke up, got himself ready for duty, left his quarters for breakfast, tried to ignore the obvious stares while he ate, then he ventured across the Command Campus feeling the stares and whispers once more, when he arrived at Admiral Eton's office he wasn't the least bit surprised that the chatty officers he worked with fell silent on first glance. Calvin sighed, wondering if this was what he could expect for the rest of his career. luckily for him, this was the last day it would happen to him here.

The news had hit quite early in the morning just two days before. Most of Starfleet Command knew about before even Cal did. He had noticed the stares and the whispers, buit assumed he was imagining it. That is until he read the morning news communiques. There, plastered in the largest print possible, 'COUNCILMAN RHODES INDICTED." He couldn't help but read on, all the while feeling the stares more and more intensly. His father, the man he looked up to or most of his life, involved in such a dark plot. He felt a lump in his throat, as he continued reading, only to learn that his father had been remanded to a High Security prison on Delta Vega. He could not believe what he was reading.

Without a second though, Cal rose and left the mess, the gazes of his comrade followed him out the door. He started to jog, and soon found himself at outside the private office of his boss, Vice Admiral Eton. He took a deep breath, and wiped the sweat from his forehead with the sleeve of his uniform. He was nervous, but he knew this was something that needed to be done. He reachedout, without another thought, and pressed the proximity chime

The door opened to allow Cal in, and he saw the aging face of Admiral Eton, seated behind an ornate oak desk. "Ah, Calvin. Come, sit." The man said, his face neutral.

'He knows, and he's going to fire me. Or worse, discharge me.' Cal though, moving further into the room, and lowering himself into a seat opposite the Admiral.

the pair sat in silence a moment. The Admiral typed away at his computer terminal.

"I trust you've seen the news sir." Said Calvin, finally breaking the mutual silence.

Eton looked up from his screen. "I have." was his response. But now his attention was on Calvin solely.

"Do what you have to sir. I undersatnd." Calvin hung his head slightly.

The Admiral picked up a PADD from his desk, and slid it towards Cal.

Calvin picked it up cautiously, expecting the worst. He clicked it on and read, as Eton went back to his work.

A silent moment passed, and Cal finished reading. "I...I don't understand sir."

Returning his gaze to young Calvin, Eton spoke at a relaxed pace. "What's not to understand Commander? This seems the best solution for you."

"Sir, you're giving me a command." Cal was still in shock, it was the opposite from what he assumed the Admiral's reaction would be.

"I don't believe in holding people responsible for the mistakes of their kin." The aged man said, folding his hands on the desk in front of him." This will be much better for you than putting up with the stares and the backlash here."

"Thank you sir." Was all cal could muster at the moment. It was truly a great gesture from a wonderful man, and another man he idolized.

"You should get going. You'll need to pack." The Admiral turned his attention back to the screen before him. "Consider the next two days compassionate leniency on my part. You're dismissed Commander. Good luck."

Cal stood, and snapped to attention. "Thank you sir, for everything." He turned quickly, and left the office.

And now here his was. Calvin double checked his PADD. The transfer was confirmed, as was his transportation. But his pilot was no where to be found.

He walked around, bags in hand, looking for any sign of activity.

Calvin wished to be off the planet, and away from the galactic controversy that was his family. So much so he was considering commandeering a shuttle to fly himself to Spacedock.

As his mind began to wander with toughts of taking a shuttle for himself. he nearly walked into a stout woman, in a yellow Engineering division jumpsuit.

"Watch it." She said, he voice thick with a Boston accent.

"I'm sorry." The Commander reganed his footing " Are you Warrant Officer Sharpe?" He asked, looking at his PADD.

A look of recognition broke on her face, "Commander Rhodes?' She asked, snapping herself to attention.

"Yes. I'm scheduled to leave soon." He began, suddenly uneasy about the situation" Can we get underway?"

Sharpe, snapped into action, "Yes sir, just one moment."she half ranin the direction that Cal had arrived from, and disappeared. Only to return just as quickly as she left. Her speed was surprising, given her physical stature.

"Alright Commander. If you'll follow me." She gestured for him, "May I take your bags sir?"

"No that's fine Warrant." He said, tightening his grip on his bags. He stepped in the direction she indicated. Down a row of Type 18 Shuttlepods. They stopped about halfway down the row.

"There she is." Sharpe exclaimed."Shall we?" She ushered Cal into the tiny craft.

Cal settled into a seat. Sharpe followed suit, and began to key in commands, "Yard control wishes us safe travels."

And with that, they departed for Cal's way out. For his new begining.