Ensign Sephora Berel

Name Sephora Berel

Position Diplomatic Officer

Rank Ensign


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Mon Dec 19th, 2016 @ 7:33pm

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Betazoid
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9"
Weight 127 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Sephora is the epitomy of tall dark and gorgeous. She has characteristic Betazoid black eyes, and dark hair to match.

Her uniform is worn with high regard for standards. Sephora prefers to wear traditional Betazoid attire off duty, and leans towards the over the top or heavily adorned styles.


Father Aalon Berel
Mother Jalesa Berel
Sister(s) Jera (older)

Personality & Traits

General Overview She is curious about the galaxy and has the courage to act on it. She loves meeting new people and seeing new things and firmly believes in the use of diplomacy to resolve disputes.
Ambitions Her family and friends would say she wants to meet every single person in the galaxy, and that assessment is not too far off, but what she really wants is to be part of a first contact encounter.
Hobbies & Interests When not on duty, she is often found in the lounge, socializing with her crewmates. She loves any activity that involve interaction with others.

Personal History
Lon was born in the Betazoid capital of Rixx, and was given up for adoption immediately following his birth. 

He spent his first year in a Council funded home, before being adopted by Tobin and Eliisia Nren. The couple was never able to conceive, so they adopted 3 orphaned children.

Lon was raised with twins Kettara and Kelanna (5 years his senior), is a middle class home by the Opal Sea on Betazed. 

Tobin worked as the Head Chef for the Ral Family of the Fifth House of Betazed. He always enjoyed the job and allowed the children to go to work with him and help in the kitchen.

Eliisia worked with a Couturier in Rixx. It is because of this that the children were always dressed immaculately and on the latest trend.

In his downtime, Lon liked exploring the Jungle like atmosphere of the sea side. 

Lon's Betazoid psionic abilities never full developed, he is able to full read other Betazoids but is limited to strong empathy with others.

His Adoptive Parents were happy to be able to send Lon to the University of Betazed, when he studied Botony.

He enjoyed his time at the school, having made many good friends while there. He even met a boy with whom he bonded. This bond was unlike any other he had felt. It was a romantic feeling, one he could not deny. The boy, named Kestro, had eyes for another and so Lon's feeling went unrequited. This cause a bit of coldness to spring from Lon, and to his present day he remains weary of opening himself to others in that way.

Lon graduated the University and went on to work with a Planetwide Natural Renewal Project, a group he would work with for over 10 years.

Although Lon lived his work, he found himself longing for change. 

On a whim, he signed a civilian contract with Starfleet to work in a lounge on a Starship. His first posting brought him to USS Healy and Task Force 39.
Service Record 2384 - 2388: Attends Starfleet Academy
2388 - 2392: Assigned to Starfleet HQ, where she worked in the Diplomatic Corps.
2392: Assigned to the London.