Lieutenant Zoé Moreau

Name Zoé Colette Moreau

Position Chief Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8'' (172 cm)
Weight 133 lb (60 kg)
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description A fleeting glance is all that is needed to notice the woman's serious demeanor. Her oval visage is frozen in an unfathomable expression that doesn't seem to ever change. Under well-trimmed eyebrows slightly angled upwards at the extremities, her icy blue orbs are set sternly in their almond-shaped sockets, looking at her surroundings as if nothing or nobody of interest is there at all. Plump and pressed tightly together into a sort of perennially subtle smirk, her lips possess a crimson hue in stark contrast with the smooth, fair skin of her face. She gathers her dirty blonde hair in a rebellious updo that almost makes her look out of place. She wears her uniform sharply, walking with predatory-like movements that highlight a firm body shaped by countless strength and aerobic workouts.


Father Bernard Moreau.
Mother Elizabeth Moreau Webster.
Sister(s) Chantal Moreau.

Personality & Traits

General Overview To say that Zoé doesn't wear her emotions on a sleeve would be a mere understatement. A woman often considered best avoided, she guards her privacy like a lioness guards her cubs. She's always reluctant to participate in social situations and allow others into her personal life. Gaining her trust and friendship is a task that many have tried and failed.

All work and few hobbies, Zoé is the epitome of a woman determined to achieve every ambitious goal she has set for herself. Pushing her abilities to their limits and beyond isn't a foreign concept in her mind, which means that she's willing to take risks and put others at risk as well, but only if it serves a concrete purpose. The saying "whatever it takes" seems to be her motto. The mission's objective has priority over anything else, and if people need to be pushed around in order to achieve total victory, then so be it.

Her mind is set on her career and her career only. She respects the chain of command like it was a religious belief, although she has been known to speak out of turn from time to time, especially when the situation isn't optimal and she struggles to contain the sudden outburst of all those emotions she constantly keeps hidden in the depths of her being.

Her brilliant IQ and logical reasoning, along with her excellent physical skills and tactical sense, make her an invaluable addition to any Starfleet crew, even though her superior officers would prefer her to be friendlier and a touch more outgoing than she currently is.
Ambitions The short-term goal is making herself comfortable aboard the USS London and familiarize with the new posting and those who will serve alongside her, probably trying to keep everybody at a distance, as she always does. However, long-term plans include trying to be more outgoing in order to improve relationships with her comrades. In this regard, a fellow gay woman who has the patience to be romantically involved with Zoé could help soften her up and mold her into a nicer, better person.

Ultimately, her goal is to simply be unsurpassed at everything she does. A perfectionist, she has never hidden the fact that she hopes to gain her own command one day soon. Getting her own ship would only be the beginning, as this woman has set a very high bar of expectations for herself.
Hobbies & Interests When off duty, almost all her time is devoted to physical training and learning anything she deems useful for the future of her career. She seldom interacts with others and prefers to be by herself even when she's forced to attend a social gathering.

She has a strong interest in history, especially ancient Earth civilizations. Xenoarchaeology is equally captivating and would have probably been her job, if she hadn't decided to attend Starfleet Academy.

Personal History Born in Marseille, France, she is the daughter of Bernard Moreau, a business magnate, and high-profile lawyer Elizabeth Webster, an American woman who moved to France with her family when she was still a teenager. She has a younger sister, Chantal, currently employed in one of the father’s many prominent companies.

Ever since childhood, Zoé started exhibiting a remarkable intelligence and reasoning skills. Thanks to her rich parents, she grew up benefitting from the best education that money could buy. She attended the most prestigious private school in France, in preparation for what should have been a business career alongside her father.

Upon reaching sufficient maturity, Zoé realized that sitting behind the desk of a fancy office and conducting business deals wasn't what she wanted. Already fascinated by space and space exploration, she decided to skip college and apply for Starfleet Academy instead. During her four years of learning in San Francisco, she gained notoriety as a young woman of great potential, albeit with a cold, almost emotionless attitude that few appreciated.

The decision to forsake her father’s plans for her made Zoé the so-called black sheep of the family. For Bernard Moreau, seeing her first daughter in a uniform, well away from the family’s business, was unacceptable. Even Zoé’s mother disapproved, questioning what kind of future Starfleet had to offer. Only her sister, Chantal, supported her decision to join Starfleet. Zoé, however, has never looked back and she’s still more than sure to be on the right path.

After graduating from the Academy with full merits, she was assigned to the USS Fredrickson, an Excelsior-class starship that had seen plenty of action during the Dominion War. Right from the beginning, it became evident that Zoé wasn’t a social butterfly and only focused on her duties. This brought her to the attention of the commanding officer, who followed her progress closely. After a couple of years, she earned enough respect to be recommended for the Bridge Officer's test back on Earth, as well as the infamous Advanced Tactical Training course. She returned to her post months later, after having aced both post-graduation activities.

More than an individual has tried to befriend her during the years aboard the Fredrickson. Zoé has always kept everybody at a fair distance, preferring professionalism over anything else. Her extreme dedication and sheer potential earned her praise and criticism in equal measure. On one hand, her superiors appreciated the utter devotion to her duties, and on the other, they shook their heads at Zoé's lack of a sense of humor and willingness to socialize to forge better relationships through off-duty interactions.

Despite the rumors circulating among the crew, Zoé’s only concern was to perform at peak capacity every single day. The promotions she earned motivated her to keep walking the chosen path and do even better. But when she learned that she would have joined the crew of the recently recommissioned USS London, she understood that the time was right to move on and begin a new experience.

Perhaps starting fresh aboard a new starship is exactly what Zoé needs in order to advance her career.
Service Record 2381 – 2384: Starfleet Academy

2385: Assigned to the USS Fredrickson as Operation Officer.

2387: Post-graduation training. Under recommendation, participated and completed the Advanced Tactical Training course and Bridge Officer's Test.

2388: Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade, elevated to Assistant Chief Operations Officer.

2391: Promoted to Lieutenant, elevated to Chief Operations Officer.

2392: Present year, transferred to the USS London as Chief Operations Officer.