Lieutenant Commander Rebecca Shields

Name Rebecca Elise Shields

Position Executive Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 116lbs
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Blue


Father Joseph Shields, College President
Mother Annette Peck-Shields, Professor
Other Family Rear Admiral Andrew Peck, Chief of External Affairs, Starfleet Diplomatic Corps.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Rebecca is a timid person and becomes shy around loud conflict. She is very organized and tends to become flustered if she gets out of her routine. She is a great coordinator and is a task master always right on top of anything assigned to her.

Rebecca is very attached to her family and friends and feels that they are the ones who should be there for you most. She would do anything for a friend who needed it. She is generally very trusting of those she meets (in her private/work life) though tends to be much more cautious when it comes to diplomatic affairs. She has been known to have been taken advantage of by those who find her overly trusting.

Rebecca hates the nickname Becky though is fine with Becca.
Ambitions Rebecca's current ambition is to get some more shipboard experience before attempting to settle down. She would like to eventually return to the diplomatic arena and find someone to settle down with.
Hobbies & Interests Rebecca enjoys reading and will basically read anything. She is a history buff and enjoys reading about conflict between Galactic Governments and the history of Earth's space programs back in the 20th Century.

Personal History Rebecca was born on Earth in Costal Maine on a large family estate that had been passed on from generation to generation. The family compound had a few houses on a private beach. The largest of the three houses belonged to her parents, her father the oldest child, and the two other houses belonged to his younger brother and sister.

Rebecca loved the water and they often sailed an old boat that had been passed on from generation to generation. They also had a collection of old vehicles and farm tractors which were in working condition one of her father's passions was the history of transportation.

She grew up the child of two educators both professors, her father eventually president, at the same university. Education was everything to her family and she graduated valedictorian from her high school and from the University her parents worked at with her dual degree in Galactic Relations and Conflict Resolution.

After graduation, she began to work for Federation Historical Society located in Paris but quickly found the work boring. While she did greatly enjoy her studies and the work she did as a hobby she felt that she could be doing more with her education. She spoke with her uncle who was largely involved in the Starfleet Diplomatic Corps. at Starfleet Headquarters and he suggested she apply for Starfleet.

With her uncle's help, unknown to naive Rebecca, she was accepted into a Direct Commissioned Officer Program. She reported as an Ensign to Starfleet Headquarters and worked on the staff of a Starfleet Archival unit for about three months prior to going to the next available Officer Candidate School which she completed successfully having great success in the educational areas and some difficulty in the more military aspects.

Upon completion of her OCS she reported to the USS Cambridge a Lexington Class carrier and served as a Diplomatic Officer. While aboard the Lexington she served for three years, completed an advanced degree in Public Policy and Governmental Affairs as well as being promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade.

Upon completion of her tour aboard the Lexington, she was temporarily assigned aboard the USS Nobel an Olympic Class medical ship as Diplomatic Officer dealing with a medical emergency that spanned an entire system which was had different planetary governments which didn't work well together.

She served aboard the Nobel approximately for one year, qualifying as Officer of the Deck during that time, before being reassigned to Starfleet Headquarters. At Starfleet Headquarters she was promoted to Lieutenant and assigned as Chief of Staff for the Starfleet Liaison to the Office which processes admission to the Federation. The Liaison's Office was responsible for researching any existing military or exploration agencies and concerns regarding them prior to admission to the Federation or becoming a Protectorate.

When it became toward the end of her tour Rebecca's uncle, again with his intentions unknown to her, asked what she would want to do next. She had been thinking about getting back aboard a ship and wanting to gain more experience in shipboard operations. She was very surprised to learn that her next assignment was as Executive Officer of a diplomatic vessel the USS London.
Service Record 2385 - Direct Commission to Diplomatic Corps. at rank of Ensign. Assigned to Starfleet Headquarters, Starfleet Archive Office, temporarily. Began Officer Candidate School and later graduated and assigned to the USS Cambridge as a Diplomatic Officer.

2386 - Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade

2388 - Assigned to USS Nobel as Chief Diplomatic Officer.

2389 - Promoted to Lieutenant, Assigned to Starfleet Headquarters, Chief of Staff, Office of Starfleet Liaison to Federation Bureau of Planetary Treaties.

2392 - Promoted to Lieutenant Commander, Assigned USS London as Executive Officer.