-General Rules-

All members of London are expected to be a part of what we strive to make not only a writing group but a family. As part of this family all are expected to have mutual respect to each other and while constructive criticism is encouraged being rude and being intolerant is not acceptable.

• All members of the USS London are bound by all Pegasus Fleet rules and charter, in addition to the sim rules.

• All members are expected to follow the activity requirements as described below.

• All members of the sim must be at least thirteen (13) years of age or older to join.

• All content must be written to be appropriate to the age of the members involved in the sim.

• Any member of the sim found to have been anything but truthful with identity or age will be removed and banned from the sim.

• The London Game Staff are not responsible for content posted by a member but retain the right to moderate it at anytime.

• Members of the London Game Staff are the leaders of the community and have final say in all matters with final decision resting with the Game Master (GM).

**All rules and guidelines are subject to change anytime without prior notification.

-Activity Requirements-

All members of the USS London regardless of position are required to login to the system at the very least once every seventy-two hours as well as to update any joint posts they are involved in unless otherwise stated between those involved. It is expected that each member have taken part in at least one post every fourteen days and one Personal Log each month. As we understand that this is a hobby and not a game a leave of absence may be declared by a member at anytime. Any member who routinely disregards the activity requirements or have received complaints from other members regarding lack of activity may be removed from active membership.

All members are requested and highly encouraged to participate in our Slack chat room (PM The Commanding Officer for further details), as well as the general Pegasus Fleet IRC room (#PegasusFleet) whenever possible.

-Other Policies-

{Accepted Characters}

At this time only Federation member species, and Trek cannon species are being accepted as characters aboard London. There may be a few exceptions allowed on occasion for non-member species or special characters. Those interested in a position not listed on the manifest or a non-Federation species should contact the staff via the contact form with proposal for that character. Characters who are genetically modified, have weird species combinations, or have "special abilities" will not be accepted. Also note, that any involvement with Section 31, or any other clandestine organization is actively discouraged.

{Rank & Position}

All characters will be assigned their final rank and position based on their biography. All characters are expected to be written for an appropriate level of experience and age for the position applied for. Rank will be assigned solely based on the IC merit of the character.


All members of the sim who resign in good standing are welcome to take a status of hiatus where they will retain inactive access to the London and will be accepted back to the sim at their will with all possible effort to restore their character to it's previous position or in an advanced position if available. Members who are removed must reapply and no guarantee for position or re-acceptance will be made. Any member who resigns from the sim will note that their character may be used IC until it is convenient for them to leave the ship. This is done in order to maintain a good quality story with full continuity.

{Probation, Strikes and Removal}

All new members will undergo a three month (3) probationary term. After which time the Command Team will take into account your contributions, activity, and make a decision on the viability of continuing to have your character aboard London.

Any violations of London Rules, or Pegasus Fleet Guidelines while on probation will be grounds for dismissal from London.

Members in good standing past their probation will be on a three strike policy. Violation or misconduct will result in a strike. Any three strikes will result in removal from the simm.

Removal may take place in accordance with the three strike policy, or probationary periods, bit may also be warranted for extreme offenses deemed by the Command Staff.

When posting please remember that while this is a fiction we aim to have a high quality story line written in the novel style. Please remember that while we as writers are privileged to know what is going on at all times characters would only be aware of things if told or present and can't mind read. In addition this game is based off a military organization characters do not need to follow all orders or follow regulations and procedures however they will be given the consequences of their actions IC.

If you find something broken please let us know so we can fix it!

As always, any questions can be forwarded to the London Game Staff.